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Gabriela Embon

Gabriela Embon is the founder, lead instructor and ThetaHealing® teacher at the Coaching Academy by Gabriela Embon, where she has dedicated her life to building dream careers helping others.

Gabriela is a thought-provoking speaker, inspiring audiences of all backgrounds to challenge their limiting beliefs and become the creators of their own lives. She captivates listeners and leaves them empowered with step-by-step guidance to start them on a path to their personal transformation.

Gabriela speaks English and Spanish. She lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada which is Eastern Standard Time.

Expertise in

Business & Entrepreneurship

Thank you for considering Gabriela as a guest on your podcast or as a speaker at your event.

Having created a successful coaching school and coaching thousands of clients through the development of their own coaching businesses, her experience extends to many areas of the business journey. Gabriela is happy to explore additional subjects, should you be looking for a specific focus for your audience.

Sample Topics of Expertise


”Gabriella is structured in how she teaches and you can feel she comes from the heart- the perfect combo for a teacher! She leads by example and is generous with her knowledge and truly wants her students to succeed. She also teaches you that perfect mix of method and intuition- head & heart. I have now started building a clientele base and each client I have had has told me how transformational my sessions have been.”
Esther Ben Yishay
Coaching student + business owner

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