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Gabriela Embon is the visionary who saw coaching as a modality to first help people to find their own awareness and then help to light the path for others.

As a successful coach she began examining what was catapulting her clients out of their struggles and into their joy and through her experience and expertise in coaching and the science behind her successes, she replicated her proven system to develop the Rewire your Brain for Success System, which is now taught to hundreds of new coaches a year in the Coaching Academy.

The Coaching Academy is the body that certifies our coaches but more than a school for coaches, it’s our community of passionate leaders who have shifted, transformed, changed and achieved their goals. We turn masters into Coaches & coaches into Entrepreneurs.

A Message From Our Founder,
Gabriela Embon

I’m just like you.

I did not dream of becoming a coach as a young child, I found myself in a successful engineering career that was not fulfilling the big life I wanted to live so I searched for one that did. Coaching was a natural fit because what I dreamt of was making an impact.

Like many dreams, without action they become stories we think of in silence, but if we commit to following our gut and taking inspired action whenever we are called to, we wake up along the way being grateful for the tiny steps that continue to create immense impact in our lives, in our work.

My Journey was not paved in gold, it was a commitment to my craft and the passion I held everyday for my students that kept me thriving ahead.

Over a decade of coaching has introduced me to the most devoted clients and students filling my heart and creating the big life I dreamt of. 

The milestones I’m most proud of are:

The academy becomes …

a home for like minded people, offering monthly practice groups and a variety of courses.

My journey continues as I pursue a greater vision while staying true to my dream of creating impact in people’s lives and serving my community as an example for my students and my children.

And together, here are some of the milestones my clients and students shared with me along their journey:


Our mission is to provide our students with the Professional skills and Business skills to build a successful coaching practice.


Our approach is built on a proven formula which focuses on the actions level as well as the mindset level to help individuals achieve long lasting change and reach their full potential.


Our students learn cutting edge coaching techniques and Mind, Body & Soul Transformational tools.

Our students go through the process of shifting any limitations they might have so they can shine as Coaches committed to helping others live their best lives too.

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Why become a certified coaching professional? Our students are individuals like you looking to create impact in people’s lives, starting with their own.

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