2023 Theta Practices Meditation Series

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Introducing our groundbreaking Meditation Series: “The Best of 2023 ThetaHealing® Practices

Immerse yourself in a collection of guided meditations in which you will connect to the Creator, Manifest, and receive empowering Downloads to nourish your mind, body and spirit. This meticulously curated meditation series, is designed to bring you the pinnacle of the ThetaHealing® practices from 2023.

Gabriela will gently guide you to connect to the 7th plane, receive guidance from your Higher Self, Future Self and more so you can experience the magic of this energy, bringing healing and harmony to your mind, body and spirit.

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Episode 1:
In this meditation, Gabriela will lead you to manifest and project yourself into the future with a surprising twist at the end to ensure that you let go of any attachments to the results.

Episode 2:
In this meditation Gabriela leads you through a healing to accept all parts of you in order to allow for change.

Episode 3:
In this meditation Gabriela leads you through a process of daily healing to dis-create imbalance from your body and tap into your creative healing power. Are you ready to master creative energy and become the co-creator of your life?

Episode 4:
In this meditation Gabriela leads you through a magnificent experience of feeding your body the house of your spirit with vitality and joy so it can fully support you in creating a spiritual life.

Episode 5:
In this meditation Gabriela leads you through the energetic shifts to release regret, grief, victimhood, and experience forgiveness so you can move forward with your life in joy. You will witness your lungs giggling.

Episode 6:
In this meditation Gabriela leads you through a post covid body healing and cleansing. You will clear bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus and the beliefs associated with them, as well as release the negative imprint of the pandemic in your body that no longer serves you so you can shift side effects and experience balance.

Episode 7:
In this highly guided step by step healing process Gabriela invites you to listen while taking yourself through the steps to work on yourself. Allowing the answers to emerge and working with your visualization to follow the process of liberation. You will release yourself from frustration and the triggers that keep you limited and liberate the genie within your lamp, so you can feel inner liberation and freedom to be who you are meant to be.

Episode 8:
In this meditation Gabriela will remind you that you are worthy and deserving of being connected to The Creator, receiving messages, and feeling The Creator’s support.

Episode 9:
In this step-by-step meditation Gabriela will guide you through a process of working with your ultimate combo: Your Higher Self and Future Self to manifest your best 2024. The benefit of manifesting and healing with your future self is that she/he already knows that the manifestation will happen therefore there is no doubt only knowingness.

Episode 10:
In this beautiful meditation you will be guided to bless yourself. You will receive beautiful downloads and blessings and manifest your lucky 2024.