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Would you like to bring your relationship to the next level?
Build the foundation for a true partnership, friendship, and deep connection.

Historically… an alarming percentage of relationships end up in separation. Of those who remain together, many may feel:

Our ancestors looked at marriage very differently, man and women had their respective roles within their relationships while marriage was more about a duty than a desire for true union.

Relationship Concepts

Relationship Rules

Every relationship will establish the rules that will govern it. What can be expected from each party, how to deal with exceptions to these rules.
Together we will explore the rules of your relationships… those that exist whether you are aware or not.

Fight for Dominance

At different points, your and your partner might fight for dominance in certain areas of the common life.
Together we will explore your beliefs about traditional gender roles you hold on a genetic or historical level as well as modern roles couples take.

Extended Family & Your In-laws

The extended family members and especially the in-laws play a key role in the ecosystem around your relationship.
Together we will explore ways to develop balanced relationship with in-laws and establish healthy boundaries.

Roles & Confusion

One might assume the role of a ‘parent’ to their partner, creating confusion and unhealthy co-dependency leading to disempowerment.
Together we will explore ways to avoid these confusing pitfalls so that we reduce resentment and loss of attraction.

Relationship with Money

Money aspects within and around the relationship are the number one contributing factor to friction and separation.
Together we will explore ways to improve and heal these aspects in your relationships.

Children in Your Relationship

Our children are our most wonderous creation and contribution to this world.
However, some keep unhealthy relationships just for the sake of their children. Others… take the perspective that the addition of children to a struggling relationship might improve it.
Blended families with children from previous relationships introduce additional dimensions to the family dynamics.

Sensuality, Intimacy & Loyalty

True and winning indicators of a healthy relationships are the topics around the close intimacy between the couple.
Explore the sexual aspect of your relationship. Intimacy, loyalty, your body, beauty and attractiveness. Explore beliefs about commitment without feeling trapped.

Saving a Relationship

Saving your relationship or choosing not to, is between your partner, yourself & the creator. Both parties must be willing to put in the effort to make the relationship work.

Course Details

In this class we will learn tools to identify and shift the limiting beliefs that prevent you from living the relationships of your dreams.

We will also cover how to work on your relationship energetically, through “couple’s aura”.

Powerful exercises that we will learn:

We believe that your partner’s role is not to educate you, nor to change you. We come into a relationship to support and empower each other; together passing through a journey of growth and fulfillment of our purpose.

ThetaHealing You and Your Significant Other Course Includes

Accreditation & Certification

By the end of the course, you will be recognized and accredited by the International Think Institute as a You & Your Significant Other practitioner of the ThetaHealing® Technique.

Continuous Education, Community & Support

Upon completion of this class, you will become a member of the Coaching Academy ThetaHealing community and have FREE access to:


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