Life Coaching Certification

September 9th - December 9th

Live Online Program

Course Description:

Module 1: Introduction to Coaching


Principles & Ethics of Coaching

In this module you will learn:

Gabriela Embon lecturing at Conference.


The Brain & Human Potential

In this section we will dive into:


Decision Making Process

In this section you will assist and support your clients in making decisions by teaching them “The decision making process”.

This will provide your clients with the needed clarity to move from decision to actions.


Science of Happiness

In this module you will learn:

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Goals & The Highest Vision of Your Life

In this module you will learn:

This exercise empowers your client to:


The Purpose Formula

In this session you will learn a powerful process to guide effectively your clients into a self–discovery process; which, at the end, will provide answers to the following questions:


The Self-Esteem Formula

Support your clients in building and maintaining a healthy self-esteem.


Manifesting & Creating our Lives

Words may inspire but only actions create change
(Simon Sinek)

Module 2.2: Mindset & Neuro-Reprogramming


Rewire Your Brain for Success

Your job as a coach is to help your client:

The main reason why people don’t achieve results is not because they take the wrong actions; but rather because they have a limiting mindset, inner blocks that sabotage their efforts or even paralyzing and preventing them from acting.

In this module you will learn first how to identify the inner blocks that hold your client back. Following with how to shift them towards an empowering and winning mindset.


Two Certifications for Maximum Results

Upon completion of this program you will receive your Life Coaching credentials.
But you will also become a Certified ThetaHealing® practitioner.
Long lasting change requires deeper transformation.
ThetaHealing® is one of the most effective and powerful Mind, Body and Soul Transformational tools that has changed thousands of lives worldwide.
This cutting-edge technique can reach deep and identify the hidden perceptions that don’t serve us anymore, empowering us to change our lives by changing our mindset.

Module 3: The Coaching Process


Free Consultations, Coaching Tools & Processes

How to assemble the different coaching methodologies and tools into an effective and efficient coaching process.

In this module you will learn how to:

Module 4: Your Branding


Finding the Coach Within You!

Getting your brand right internally is actually the Key to getting it right out there in the external world.

In this module you will embark on a journey to discover the coach within you!

We will work with the 4 elements of your brand and what makes you unique as a coach.
The work done in this module serves as the foundation for your initial marketing plan and your website.

Module 5: Building Your Coaching Practice


Attracting & Finding the Right Clients

Our goal is that upon graduation, not only you feel ready to start coaching individuals; but you know exactly what to do to start building your coaching business.

In this session you will learn proven strategies and tactics on how to:

Module 6: Your Coaching Website


Writing & Creating Your Coaching Website

In this module we cover: