Why Become a Life Coach

The world has changed…

In today’s world there is no single path for life.

Evolving and re-inventing ourselves every few years is key to living a purposeful and fulfilling life.
In order to support individuals in navigating this shift in paradigm, a new line of professionals is needed.

Professional Life Coaches who can guide people through their metamorphosis. Coaches who can be instrumental in creating a space for their clients to shift old perceptions, programming and conditioning to facilitate the process and to embrace their evolution.

People who are serious about change, look to professional coaches to help them make the transition which is why:

Life coaching is the second fastest-growing industry in the world with an average yearly growth of 6.7%


The estimated market value of the coaching industry in the US rose from $707 million in 2011 to $1.02 billion in 2016. This is an increase of almost 30% over 5 years.


The market value of the coaching industry is predicted to reach USD 1.34 billion by the year 2022.


Between 25% and 40% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches.


Truth is...

...that people choose to become coaches so they can solely focus on their own transformation.

By getting paid to facilitate transformation for others, to guide others in realizing their full potential, in shedding the weight that holds them back and shift paradigms, coaches are basically giving themselves permission to focus on their personal growth, the realization of their full potential, their own paradigms shift.

Are you wondering if life coaching is for you?

Becoming a life coach is a calling one typically feels and is drawn to, given their skills and innate abilities.

Here are the skills and attributes we see in most of our students are:

BEFORE joining the Life Coaching Certification Program

Our students typically describe their careers and lives in the following ways.

Do these challenges feel familiar? Can you relate?

AFTER completing the Life Coaching Certification Program

Here’s what our students have shared with us:

AND You too can!

Is this how you want to feel? Is this the life you dream of?


"Your classes have opened up a whole new world for me. "

So many new and insightful ideas and thoughts that help me connect the dots in my own inner work, as well as inspire ideas for a possible future of healing others. I appreciate the honesty in your manner of teaching, you have really made this your own, using your body language, your essence, your words and incorporated your values and purpose into it. This makes it very relatable and vulnerable at the same time. I thoroughly enjoy learning from you. With much gratitude.!


Think the Life Coaching Certification Program is for you?

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Our Coaching Philosophy

As part of the evolution and change needed for people to be happy, fulfilled and not compromise for less than their optimal potential. Which is why each student will experience 3 transformations on their journey at the Coaching Academy.

Experiencing your metamorphosis.

Each student will start with their own Personal Growth Transformation to tackle their limiting beliefs and adopt success principles and live their own potential. It is critical that our coaches “walk the walk” before helping others and not just preach practices, in other words you become your first client. An effective coach finds meaning in supporting others to navigate and overcome life challenges, even more so once they have navigated their own metamorphosis first.

Becoming a professional life coach.

Secondly, each student will experience the “Coach in You” transformation where they will learn and practice a proven system that teaches you how to confidently coach. More than just theory and tools, our guided practice opportunities are where you will hone your skills to become a successful coach able to tackle any challenge your client throws your way.

Branding and marketing yourself for success.

And finally, with their own evolution embodied, their skills as a coach sharpened, each student will discover the Business of Coaching transformation. They will dive deep into how to brand themselves as new coaches, learn how to start their business and market themselves in their own niche.

Discover the full Professional Life Coaching Certification Program and learning modules here.

The program dives deep into foundational and advanced topics to prepare our students for a fulfilling career. From the Principles and Ethics of coaching to branding yourself and signing your first client, we are with you every step of the way.
Whether you prefer to launch your own private coaching practice, or work as in-house coach for organization & corporations, ongoing support, education and community are here to support you.

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"When I was looking into Life Coaching certifications, I saw a lot of the same until Gabriela Embon Académie du Coaching came up. "

Instantly, I felt that her approach was exactly what I was looking for; the perfect balance of scientific methods and spirituality. Gabriela covers both and it is up to you how much of each aspect you decide to use in your practice. I chose her program as I could sense Gabriela's authenticity; one of my main values. I really appreciate the way Gabriela delivers more complicated or abstract concepts by providing very comprehensive analogies, not only that those help to understand but also, they are easy to remember! This certification will give you the tools to become a high-quality life coach while embracing your uniqueness, and as a bonus, Gabriela makes sure you will know what to do once you graduate! If I could go back in time, I would choose Gabriela Embon Académie du Coaching again! Thank you Gaby, such an inspiring mentor! -

Zuzana Sichova

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