Why does the world need life coaches?

The world has changed...

In today’s world there is no single path for life. Today we realize that change and more specifically re-inventing ourselves every few years is key to living a purposeful and fulfilling life. This new way requires a change in our programming and conditioning.

In order to support individuals navigate the shift in paradigm, a new line of professionals is needed. Professionals who can not only guide people through the metamorphosis, but can also be instrumental in changing the old beliefs and programming so that the process becomes effortless.

Does this vision resonate with you?



Emotional Healing

Intuition & Spirituality

Coaching Skills


Branding & Marketing

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If the answer is YES, then the Gabriela Embon Life Coaching Certification is designed for people just like you!

  • Our students are individuals like you looking to create impact in people’s lives, starting with their own.
  • Our program caters both parts of the human brain to evoke shift, transformation, change and results.

Not only we teach you but we lead you towards transformation!

Gabriela Embon Académie du Coaching

Is the only coaching training program in Montréal to teach Neuro-Reprogramming!

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What makes Gabriela Embon Life Coaching Certification program different?

Unique Approach

Unique Approach

Neuro-Reprogramming for Success

As a life coach you will guide and help your clients define their best life and create a path to manifest their full potential. Clients will seek your support because they feel stuck and overwhelmed. They look for change but often feel lost and confused.
To help your clients gain clarity and get unstuck you must work from the core.

This program is unique because it focuses both on the ‘actions’ level as well as teaches an effective way to reprogram the subconscious mind i.e. removing blockages and limiting beliefs. Many programs mention the importance of limiting beliefs but fail to actually teach effective methods to change them.

Unconscious beliefs create undesired and repeated patterns that prevent your clients from getting clear about their life purpose and sabotage their full potential.

Using the formula TBD + Actions = Results

You will support your client achieve True Breakthrough, Shift Paradigms and create Big Impact.

Dual Certification
Launching your Practice
We are a Family
Proven Formula

The Life coaching certification includes the following modules:

This program includes plenty of practical work in the classroom and at home.

Life Coaching Certification

Module 1

Introduction to Life Coaching (3 hrs)

  • What is life coaching
  • Life coaching ethics
  • The coach/coachee roles
  • Our mission and commitment as coaches
  • The human potential
  • The brain
Module 2

The Coaching Process (12 hrs)

2.1 Results (3 hrs)

  • Helping clients redefine goals
  • Finding your life purpose

2.2 BELIEFS (6 hrs)

  • The subconscious mind programming
  • How to identify limiting beliefs
  • How to change limiting beliefs
  • Cellular memories
  • Emotional healing

2.3 ACTIONS (3 hrs)

  • Building an action plan
  • Law of attraction and inspire actions
  • Helping client take inspire actions
ThetaHealing® Course

Basic DNA1 ThetaHealing class

3 Days course

Module 3

Free Consultation / Session 1 & 2 (3 hrs)

  • How to conduct a free consultation
  • What to do in on session 1 and 2
Module 4

Your Branding as a Coach (3 hrs)

  • Your message
  • Your website
  • Your elevator speech
Module 5

How to start your Coaching Practice (3 hrs)

  • Public speaking
  • Networking
  • Your online presence
  • Your marketing plan
ThetaHealing® Course

Advanced DNA2 ThetaHealing class

3 Days class

We turn masters into Coaches & coaches into Entrepreneurs

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