Certify & Launch Your
Life Coaching Career
In Just 14 Weeks

Certify & Launch Your
Life Coaching Career
In Just 14 Weeks

Giving Yourself Permission

To Realign with your Calling and Make Money Doing What you Love can be Intimidating

You are exhausted from a job that depletes you, you feel stuck in a career and don’t see how you can possibly make a change.

You know that making money helping people is possible but you don’t believe that it is feasible for you… after all, you have financial responsibilities. You are not alone.

Common Reasons for Feeling Stuck

This can Change

So What’s the Solution?

The solution to your doubts & fears and the answers to your soul’s desire for fulfillment are all in one place.

The truth is that people desire to become life coaches so they can solely focus on their own transformation.
That's why we have designed our program to offer exactly that, because we know that success requires tapping into 3 MAJOR transformations

  • Personal Transformation:
    Journey towards your highest purpose, adopt success principles and work on your limiting perceptions.
    Become your own first client and experience firsthand what you will give and offer your clients.

  • The Coach Within Transformation:
    Learn and practice a proven coaching system; not just tools but a holistic philosophy of human potential and change so you can build an unshakable confidence in your coaching abilities.

  • Business of Coaching transformation:
    Acquire the entrepreneurial mindset and skills-set that will guide you through the launch of your coaching practice and rapid monetization.

One Program - Two Certifications for
Maximum Results

Foundational Coaching Methodologies

Guide your clients through the Decision Making and Clarity process. Experience the Self-Esteem & Purpose Formulas so you can assist your clients in finding their calling.

Advanced Coaching Practices

Design the highest Vision of your Life, learn the Science of Manifestation and how to co-create your goals with ease and grace.

Learn to Identify and Shift a Limiting Mindset

Learn powerful tools to identify & instantly shift the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck, repeating patterns & creating self-sabotage. Shift from paradigms of surviving to paradigms of thriving.

Apply the Coaching Process

Using the different Coaching & Mindset methodologies, learn how to design a coaching process that will take your client from any challenge they are facing to where they want to be.

Get Clear About the Transformation you Offer

Craft your message. Get clear about your why, who you are as a coach and the transformation you provide to your clients

Get Coaching Clients

Master the “Free Consultation” blueprint & learn how to attract your first clients without feeling that you are hustling. Get resources to start acquiring clients right away.

Monetize Your Passion

Start building and monetizing your coaching career in private practice or corporate setting. Experience true fulfillment and alignment making a positive impact in people’s lives

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Why Join

The Coaching Academy

The coaching academy teaches the most impactful and proven coaching model:
“Rewire your brain for success”.

Experience mindset and spiritual shifts required for you to become a confident and successful coach, ready to tackle any challenge your client presents.

Become a Professional Life Coach that inspires and supports others to navigate the challenges in their lives.


Does Coaching Academy Really Work?

Esther B.Y. | Graduate Coach

“Each client I have had has told me how transformational my sessions have been. They speak of me changing their lives! I finally feel I am living a life of purpose and making a positive impact in the world, the way I always felt I should. If you want to become a coach that stands out- go with Gabriella!

Suzette Palmere | Graduate Coach

Even before graduation I already found clients! A corporate contacted my and offered me the position of their in-house coach. It changed my life 180 degrees. They teach how to bring significant impact into an individual’s life but also to yourself first.

Zuzana | Graduate Coach

“This certification will give you the tools to become a high-quality life coach while embracing your uniqueness. Her approach was exactly what I was looking for, the perfect balance of scientific methods and spirituality. Gabriela makes sure you will know what to do once you graduate!

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