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What is Thetahealing

What are

Limiting Thoughts & Perceptions

Can you imagine who would you or your clients be without thoughts like:

These unpleasant thoughts don’t allow us to tap into the consciousness of what we truly want:


Limiting Thoughts & Perceptions

Our thoughts and feeling are the expression of our deepest programming, our internal software, our mindset.

Changing our thoughts can be very difficult if not impossible without discovering the underling perceptions creating them and shifting those at the root level.

ThetaHealing is an energy healing modality, best known as one of the most effective tools to:

Think about it!

Thousands of people describe ThetaHealing® as a true miracle for your life because it allows us to 

Shift from paradigms of surviving to paradigms of THRIVING!

It also teaches us How to Co-Create our lives by tapping into the Laws of the Universe so we can

Manifest with EASE AND GRACE. 

A Formula for Life

Our lives are not random or the result of pure luck… They follow a formula:


This is How it Works

How do I

Shift My Limiting Perceptions?

ThetaHealers are taught an incredible technique called “digging”. Through guided questions, this narrative style approach allows us to find the correlation between the challenge we are facing and the limiting perceptions that are creating it.

Why Does it Works

ThetaHealing® is a powerful technique rooted at the intersection of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, quantum physics, and consciousness. It allows individuals to move forward at an accelerated rate.

Spiritually speaking, the philosophy of the ThetaHealing® technique teaches us that our soul sets up lessons in our life for us to learn and master virtues. The technique allows us to work through situations or get to the next level quickly through understanding the lessons, attaining the virtue while clearing the limiting perceptions.

By empowering ourselves to shift our own limitations while harnessing the life lessons, we raise our consciousness level and become creators of our own reality.

Benefits of ThetaHealing®

These are some of the areas that ThetaHealing can make a difference in our lives.

When you certify as a  ThetaHealing® practitioner taking the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA (3 days course), you will learn how to facilitate this transformation for yourself and others.

You will awaken and develop your intuitive abilities and tap into a greater potential of yourself.

Awakening our intuitive abilities opens us to a different way of living. It allows us to tap into our inner wisdom and make decision from a place of alignment.

Become a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner

Your next step is the:

In this course we will dive into the 4 types of Limiting Perceptions and how to deal with them.

Learn the full details of the course content and find out the next upcoming classes.

01 October 2021

In the ThetaHealing Basic DNA Course you are going to learn to understand your brain, why your life circumstances are what they are and the 4 Levels of our Limiting Perceptions. You don’t need to be intuitive to connect to the theta brainwave. Everyone has this ability, and, in this course, you will start to awaken to and develop your intuitive abilities. This will allow you to tap into your inner wisdom and make decision from a place of alignment.

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29 October 2021

Are You Ready To Harness The Power Of All That Is? This class completes the foundational levels of ThetaHealing® and is the second of the two pre-requisites required to take other ThetaHealing® classes. Advanced ThetaHealing® is filled with hundreds of downloads that enlighten. People come away from this class with a deeper understanding of ThetaHealing® … Read more

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04 December 2021

The ThetaHealing dig deeper course explores the deep and elusive origins of the issues we experience in our lives. Practitioners are taught an incredible technique called “Digging”: a narrative style approach that allows us to comfortably discover the hidden perceptions that can block us

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12 December 2021

This course is designed to help you create the inner circle of people whose energy is in alignment with you and your goals, so you can feel supported in your life mission.
We are constantly growing and evolving, and during the growth process, it is very important to have a healthy support system and relationship with the people around us. It is only with the right support team that we can move forward in life with confidence in our personal lives and our professional lives.

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19 December 2021

It is possible for you to experience the most beautiful relationship. A relationship that will flow with ease and grace in which you love and support each other in your mission.

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16 January 2022

This isn’t just a weight loss seminar! It is finding a real rhythm for your mind, body and spirit, while tapping into your inner beauty and love for your self through your own dreams and desires! This seminar teaches Vianna’s secrets to weight loss.
It isn’t about who is the skinniest or most beautiful! It’s about being comfortable in your own body and finding inner peace and happiness through accepting who you are.

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05 February 2022

In Vianna’s words – you will learn “How to use the ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance Manual as a universal tool of self discovery to utilize your potential.”

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