Andrée FortinAndrée Fortin
00:37 17 May 24
My experience at the Coaching Academy was a very positive one. The coach certification program contains a lot of information but at the end you have a comprehensive method you can follow, which is very much appreciated. Gabriela is a great coach. Thank you so much Gaby!
Natalia ColantonioNatalia Colantonio
14:09 03 May 24
Gabriela's method of Coaching is an incredible opportunity for personal growth. Not only did I learned a great way of coaching, I got be be coached by Gabriela and my peers during the course. The first person you coach is yourself in this program. I came only looking to get a certificate, but instead I got a clear vision, mission and purpose to move forward in all areas of my life. I'm so excited of what's next, and I'm confident in what I've received in training and will continue to have in the Coaching Community to be the Coach I'm meant to be. Thank you!
Margarita GendelevMargarita Gendelev
09:12 19 Mar 24
I thoroughly enjoyed both courses with Daniela. I can confidently say that completing these courses will make you a well-rounded healer, equipped with both knowledge and practical skills. The atmosphere throughout the course was one of love and professionalism. During the sessions, I was able to heal many personal traumas with ease and joy. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniela's courses to anyone seeking to enhance their healing abilities. She is a highly skilled and professional healer. A big thank to her!
Guylaine SauveGuylaine Sauve
02:33 15 Jan 24
I have been a ThetaHealing® practitioner since 2015 without truly offering services until I took refresher classes for Basic and Advanced at Gabriela Embon Coaching Academie in 2019. Gabriela is an amazing, passionate, and professional teacher who cares! In 2020, I took Dig Deeper, and just today, I’ve completed the You and the Creator certification. I feel so blessed!Also, last December, I completed her life coaching program. Her approach was perfectly aligned with my values and goals, as it’s a perfect blend of scientific methods and spirituality.She also provides free monthly continuous education for ThetaHealers, coaching and mentoring for life coaches, and a wonderful community for all of her students. She has a lot of knowledge, tools, and tricks to share.If you are interested in personal growth, life and career change as well as making a difference in someone’s life, that’s the place to be!Thank you, Gabriela, for all that you do and I am grateful to the Creator to have made our path crossed.
Christina (CJ) KingChristina (CJ) King
05:10 24 Oct 23
What a wonderful, mind expanding course. How great it has been to not only learn from Gabriela, but practice what we learn with each other in the class, and get truly immersed in the process of healing. So grateful.
Amit SodhiAmit Sodhi
01:09 23 Oct 23
The advance DNA was great.Gabriela has the knowledge and experience to help us all find our way to explain our connection to the creator.I highly recommend this course for anyone who has taken the DNA and wants to better understand their own connection.
Salonia SadanaSalonia Sadana
15:36 02 Oct 23
It was a pleasure working with Gabby , she is very helpful and takes time to explain things you don't understand ! I learned a lot about the creator and looking forward to doing the advance courses with her !!
Sandra GardhamSandra Gardham
20:44 15 Aug 23
Hi Gabriela,Taking "You and the Creator" has created such a foundation of possibility in using Theta Healing day to day. It's the course that has "tied it all together for me". I've such clarity, joy and peace. Huge Gratitude! All With Love. Sandra
Haifa KablyHaifa Kably
22:12 17 Jul 23
Thank you Gabriela for opening my eyes, mind, and heart to a higher perspective and awareness of the self in a way that creates a beautiful harmony, within and without, moving forward. I really enjoyed the Decoding Your Manifesting DNA course with you. I truly appreciated your engagement, enriching wisdom, and answering all our questions. Such a practical, simple, versatile, and useful technique that brings clarity and certainty propelling one towards taking actions in alignment with their highest truth to create their best life. Key takeaways: The value of intention, the importance of taking action, and expanded perspective of time and money. I recommend this course to any one who wants to discover and embrace a whole new layer of themselves, to realign with their soul, to simplify decision making/action taking, and to create more harmony and creative flow in various aspects in their lives.
Ossen CruzOssen Cruz
07:55 16 Jul 23
The course "Decoding Your Manifesting DNA" is very informative and inspiring. What I learned in two days is something I can and will apply for the rest of my life. I feel empowered in all aspects of my life and I am excited to see what more the universe has in store for me! Gabriela is an awesome instructor and the classes are life-changing and transformative. I am so happy I decided to take the course and meeting new classmates as well! Thank you to everyone behind Coaching Academy for making this possible 🙂

** I've been a healer for about five years but I wasn't able to move clients to the next stage. ** Gabriela gave me the key with her purpose formula, her passion test and all her insights. ** I've already used her coaching methods on three clients. ** We figured out exactly what one of my clients who needed help in a career change from banking/finance really wanted to do and find her purpose.

** Even before graduation I already found clients! A corporate contacted my and offered me the position of their in-house coach. ** It changed my life 180 degrees. ** They teach how to bring significant impact into an individual's life but also to yourself first.

** I started by taking all the ThetaHealing classes and finally I enrolled in the coaching program. ** Both those two concepts together is just like a WOW EFFECT!

** I have tried so many other things in the past and I felt like I was getting closer but I needed guidance. ** I needed someone that could guide me towards the right direction and Gabriela was that person. ** I'm so thankful and happy where I am today. ** I have completely changed as a person for the better.

Guidée par mon intuition, c’est l’école Gabriela Embon Coaching Academy que j’ai choisie parmi plusieurs autres. Une formation très enrichissante et de très bonne qualité sur un modèle immédiatement opérationnel. Les formateurs et superviseurs sont à notre écoute et disponibles durant toute la durée de la formation. C’est une formation très humaine et donnée d’une manière sincère et profonde. C’était une expérience extraordinaire que je recommande vivement à toute personne qui désire devenir coach de vie.

** It's a wonderful experience I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a life coach. ** It has enriched my life as well, it has made me grow and I'm looking so forward to sharing all that wonderful information with future clients. ** It's the best place to learn to becoming a life coach

C'est une formation qui était très transformateurs pour moi. Mais également, qu'est ce que je veux redonner plus tard dans un micro de coaching que je veux offrir.

** I've learned so much about myself and about human beings. ** I have learned how to connect our brains for success. ** It provided me tools to understand myself better so that I can provide the same benefit to my clients.

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