Want to become an
Elite-League Life Coach?

A successful and impactful life coach that guides clients towards real,
deep transformation and long-lasting results.

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Want to become an
Elite-League Life Coach?

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Become an Elite-League Coach

The truth is that, in order for a coach to become irresistible to clients, extraordinary in their field, and successful as a life coach, they need to address both levels ACTIONS and MINDSET.

Our unique Dual Certification program is exactly designed to help you become an Elite-League coach.

You will learn a powerful coaching model called: “Rewire Your Brain for Success” which combines coaching methodologies and the neuro-linguistic and healing methodologies.

By combining these methodologies, you will maximize the impact your clients obtain when working with you through the ACTION level as well as the MINDSET level.

Ultimately, this is what separates an elite-league coach and a coach who merely blends in.
This is how we will make sure that once you graduate, you start monetizing your new career right away.

Coaching Methodologies

Teach people the formula for happiness:  Science of Happiness based on positive psychology

Support people in making Aligned Decisions: The Decision Making Process

Help people reinvent themselves and uncover their Calling / Ideal Career/ Purpose:  The Purpose Formula 

Support individual in developing Confidence and Self-Worth:  The Self-Esteem Formula

Take your clients through the process of designing The Highest Vision of their Lives: The Highest Vision of Your Life 

Learn the Mechanics and Process of Manifesting

Help Your clients develop the right Motivation to persist with their goals: The Science of Motivation

Help Your clients create and embark in an Action Plan to realize their Potential  The Aligned Action Plan

Neuro-Linguistic & Healing Methodologies

Help your clients go through the internal transformations needed to embody their highest potential.

Help your clients identify and shift their Limiting Beliefs: The Digging process

Help your clients shift inner blocks and Repeated Patterns: The Belief work

Help your clients learn new ways of Feeling: The Feeling work

Learn to Co-Create and Manifest in The Theta Brainwave

Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

Connect to Your Higher Self

Learn news ways of living with Ease and Grace

Help your Clients align their Mindset with their Actions to create Long Lasting Results that they can embody

This is how we will make sure that once you graduate,
you start monetizing your new career right away.

Our goal is that once you complete the program, you are ready to start without embarking on further training.
We deliver a program from A to Z and that includes how to start your coaching business and attract the first clients.


Learn how to conduct Free Consultations that convert: the Free Consultation formula

Discover the Coach within You: The Branding Process

Define Your Niche: The Branding Process

Craft your Message: The Messaging Formula

Learn How to Attract the first clients: Building your practice

Receive Coaches Resources to find clients

Get Ready to start helping clients: Coaching agreements and the law

Create your Website: The right website for a coach

Become a member of ICF: ICF membership eligibility

This is how we make sure that you grow your
coaching practice to the level that you desire.

We understand that the most amount of support is needed in the “Building your Practice” phase.

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end after you graduate, our goal is that you feel fully supported in the path of developing your coaching practice, therefore we will continue to coach and mentor you along the journey for as long as you wish.

Effective immediately, with your graduation from the program you will have lifetime access to the Coaching Academy community and resources:

Free: Live Monthly Continuous Education:

 2-hours live monthly classes to support you in your professional development.
Each month, you will meet the other coaches and continue your professional growth so you can fully support your clients.

Free Live Monthly Coaching & Mentoring:

2-hours live monthly coaching call in which Gabriela mentors the coaches in all aspects of their journey, professional and business development so they can feel fully embrace their calling and make money doing what they love.


How does it work?

The program runs for 14 weeks, the lessons are taught by Gabriela live on zoom with interactive demonstrations and practical work in pairs (breakout rooms). Check next program schedule.

Step 1: Register to the next free training or fill up the contact form to request an information call, so we can share with you the inner details of the program and answer all your questions, including the investment and payment options. Step 2: Once you register to the program you will receive:
  • A contract between you and The Coaching Academy. This is your legal proof of registration and agreed payment plan.
  • The zoom links for each call
  • Your training Material, 3 manuals and 2 books, (printed or electronically depending on the location).
    The manuals are used in class and the books are only as a reading suggestion.
Step 3: We know that you are eager to begin, so while you wait for the course to begin, we will give you access to recorded mini-courses so you can start learning as soon as you said YES to yourself! Step 4: We will meet at the virtual class! Get ready to not just learn but to transform!

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