From coaching clients in her home living room to a thriving coaching academy – Gabriela Embon Académie du Coaching’s success is tied to the passion and perseverance of its founder Gabriela Embon.

In 2004, she moved to Canada in the search of a better future for her growing family. Change and adaptation is something Gabriela is at ease with. She has lived in three different countries across three continents and has served for two years in the armed forces.

At the age of 35, after giving birth to three beautiful children and having fulfilled herself as a Chemical Engineer Gabriela decided, in her own words, «to give birth to herself». Her soul searching lead her to her passion for creating impact in people’s lives and she decided to go back to school and certify as a life coach.

Attracting paying clients proved to be more difficult than Gabriela had imagined. She tried to join different psychology and coaching teams but was not given the opportunity.

Undeterred and resolute, Gabriela decided to take matters into her own hands. Her life skills and experience have served her one more time. Determined as ever, she immersed herself in learning the business of coaching– from the ground floor up.

She continued to develop her entrepreneurial and professional skills. She trained with the “The Journey” world renowned transformational tool and the “ThetaHealing®” globally recognized technique. She now teaches and has already certified more than 200 students as an official instructor for the THINK institute in United States.

Gabriela recounts the beginnings of her coaching practice as being a «roller-coaster of a time». Yet, after developing her unique coaching methodology “Rewire your Brain for Success”, her business flourished.  This unique approach which combines coaching and ThetaHealing®, allows her clients to achieve long lasting results.

Her formula worked. She could attest herself, but also for her clients who shifted, transformed, changed and achieved their goals.

Within a couple of years, her practice became fully booked and her passion for teaching and helping other coaches thrive, gave birth to her Academy.

The rest, as they say, is history. All while raising three children, Gabriela grew and grew her dream, adopting the newest coaching techniques and staying true to her vision of creating impact in people’s lives while building a family of human shifters.

In Gabriela’s own words: «Our Lab is our heart, which combined with our experience, passion and commitment to the fulfillment of human potential create a home for human shifters!»

Today, Gabriela teaches her unique coaching methodology in her Life Coaching Certification program.

Feel free to reach out to Gabriela at:

@ [email protected]
(514) 690 - 6000