Being Kind Is My Human Nature

Today’s affirmation is inspired by the words of Dr Mate Gabor.

I heard Dr Gabor asked why when people behave poorly, we say “well, it’s human nature” while when people behave kindly and virtuously, we react with much surprise?

Have we inverted these phenomena?

I share Dr Gabor’s belief that being kind, generous, serviceable, and loving is our human nature while the contrary is not. 

Here is my argument on this: Any behaviour other than being at our best with pure intentions, are coping mechanisms and an attempt to solve our past problems creating another problem.

Trauma disconnects us from our true self and divine essence, making us operate from these coping mechanisms (undercurrent) as an attempt to survive, protect ourselves and avoid reliving a pain…therefore, such behaviour is not human nature. 

May your human nature guide your life!

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