I Know How To Keep Myself Open For Abundance & Blessings

Though we all yearn for abundance, certain behaviors signal to the universe that we’re not ready to receive it. Consider these examples:

  1. We view asking for help as a sign of weakness.
  2. We avoid seeking assistance for fear of being a burden.
  3. We refuse favors, especially from those we don’t particularly like.
  4. We doubt the sincerity of others’ generosity, questioning their true motives.

The Creator often sends blessings through the hands of others. By mistrusting the messenger, we may inadvertently turn away these gifts, blocking the flow of abundance into our lives.

Humility is the key to welcoming blessings:

  1. It takes humility to ask for help.
  2. It takes humility to accept assistance.
  3. It takes humility to receive gifts from others.

Open your heart and embrace the humble path, and you’ll find the universe ready to bestow its abundant gifts upon you.

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