My Gifts Are Scared, And Through Them, I Attract Abundance

When I was a child, nobody ever suggested to me that my gifts of empathy, intuition, connecting dots, simplifying situation, creating space, talking, inspiring, and empowering with my words could lead me to a fulfilling career.

And today I understand why.

✨The journey to accepting and making money through your gifts is a pilgrimage to self-love, self-worth, and divine alignment.✨

Your gifts are not mere commodities; they are sacred offerings to the world. When you acknowledge the value of your talents, you are recognizing the divine within you.

We always use our gifts…the question is, are you ready to fully accept and embrace them to make money?

Abundance is not a distant mirage; it is a sacred birthright. By aligning your gifts with the flow of abundance, you open pathways to manifest your heart’s desires and contribute to the collective tapestry of prosperity.

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