I Allow Inspiration in My Life

This week’s download is a special one for me but I want to hear from you!!

What sparks YOUR  inspiration?

🅰️ Internal / Self

🅱️ External / Things that you see around you

Some people are internally inspired or “self inspired” while others get inspired externally, for example, watching a movie, listening to a podcast, stories or looking at a picture.

No matter what sparks your inspiration, feeling inspired is a beautiful state of mind.

When we are present in the current moment or situation, inspiration can strike from nowhere leaving us with a divine taste, the sweet taste of the universe conversing with our soul mission, bypassing our logical mind and conditioning.

We live in times where we have the privilege to follow many of our inspirations. It’s a question of teaching ourselves how to recognise inspiration, how to develop it when needed (if you are externally inspired) and use it to guide us towards the next steps in our paths…to create a life that we feel passionate about.

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Much love,

Gaby ✨

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