I Know How to Stay Committed to My Fulfillment

I hope you all had a blessed week!

This week I want to share a discussion I recently had with one of our coaches, in which I used the expression “Renewing our vows with life” while discussing his work. 

To give you some context, he told me that he helps mid-life individuals, evaluate, and realign their lives so they can experience more fulfillment and abundance.

This reminded me how couples sometimes renew their marriage vows after years together and made me think that we could renew our vows with life and the fulfillment of our potential, as a way of showing our self commitment to live our best lives.

Such perspective requires that we see ourselves as a human in progress and not as a finished product.

As the year is ending, this is a beautiful opportunity to renew our self commitment or if you choose “renew our vows with life” to living our best lives. 

For me this means a life of growth, authenticity, fulfillment, kindness, impact, generosity, service, humility, gratitude, love and passion.

Please grant permission to receive today’s download! And may you feel each day the blessings of being alive. Happy 2023!

Much love,

Gaby ✨

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