I Am Ready and Willing to Let Things Get Really Good

I trust you all had a lovely week! Today I would like to remind you of the difference between “Ready” & “Willing”.

When you use the term “Ready” this means that you want to invite the “really good” into your life.

While the term  “Willing” refers to you accepting to do what it takes to make it happen. Example: I am willing to pay the price of getting out of my comfort zone into my “discomfort zone”  to create the new version of myself.

Many times we are “ready” but not necessarily “willing” to take action. As humans, this is normal, our brain is designed to protect us from discomfort. Therefore, we often choose the path of least resistance, which leads us to more of the same results.

In order to be both ready and willing, one must accept and commit to take consistent new action! Learning what you need,  getting uncomfortable and acting on things that trigger you; so you can create the impact you are meant to create in this world.  

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Much love

Gaby ✨

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