I Know What it Feels Like to Be at Peace With Myself

This week I want to share something special with you.

When I was younger, I couldn’t bear spending time alone.  I would make sure I had plans  to do something with someone (friends, family, neighbor – anyone).

I later realized that the reason I was so keen on spending time with others was because, when I was alone all I could think and feel was my own pain, lack of self love and acceptance.

Being at peace with ourselves requires accepting all parts of ourselves with compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

This is not new to any of you, however I find that from time to time reminders are needed as we go on with our lives.

Self acceptance is about prioritizing progress over perfection.

Here is a cool affirmation:

“Each day, I am getting better at….” Try it, and let me know how it feels!

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Much love

Gaby ✨

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