I Know How To Become More Available For Abundance

Have you ever experienced the feeling that opportunities have dried up?

Every time I find myself unable to exercise the power of YES, it serves as a reminder that I need to embrace the power of NO.

This means that there is currently no energetic, temporal, or physical space available for new opportunities to enter, or that I lack the mental clarity to recognize these opportunities.

🙏Therefore, the universe supports us by placing us in obvious or extreme situations where we are compelled to begin saying no and decluttering

Whether it’s abandoning tasks due to exhaustion and burnout, reclaiming energy and time, or resisting the urge to spend impulsively by cutting expenses, each “no” represents a step towards restoring balance in our lives and creating space on our plates.

This space allows us to attract and embrace the opportunities we truly wish to say “yes” to✨

I invite you to embrace these opportunities (Yes and No) to create more abundance in your life 🤗

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