I Know How To Seek And Live With Clarity In My Life

Clarity is such a strong force and yet most people live without itšŸ˜’

Itā€™s easy to let our lives take a ā€œlife of their ownā€ rather than seek the clarity we need to live a life of intention and alignment.

When we are clear about what we want and why we want it, we are more likely to take action despite the fear of change, move forward faster and dare embarking on new endeavorsšŸ¤—.

But how do we find clarity? Most people tend to wait for the clarity to arrive at their door. This is a passive approach that can lead to being stuckšŸ˜.

For the most, what I find is that clarity can be sought after by taking one or a few steps forward. In other words, the clarity we are looking for might be waiting along the way āœØ

Your brain is design for motion. Our actions provide contrast to clarify ā€œwhat we wantā€. The idea is to do what you can with what you know and let the universe reveal the vision and the next step at the right timešŸ™

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