I Know How to Celebrate My Life Everyday

Today I just want to remind you that your life is a miracle!

Did you know that in certain religions, it’s believed that a person has special influence from The Creator on their birthday? And therefore it’s a custom to ask the birthday celebrant to bestow blessings on others!

Celebrating our lives, is to acknowledge its significance. Every day is a new opportunity to exercise our worth and value by serving and impacting the planet itself and/or its inhabitants.


There are infinite ways to do so, and I invite you to add the items bellow to your daily gratitude practice, whether it be journaling or meditation, breath work or any other practice. Acknowledge and celebrate yourself!

Who did I help today?

Who did I inspire/empowered today?

Who did I serve today?

What did I improve today?

What act of generosity did I do today?

Please grant permission to receive today’s download.

Much love

Gaby ✨

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