I Know How to Purposely Use the Right Words to Manifest in My Life

This week is all about purposeful manifesting!

As you know, the universe is vast and abundant with infinite possibilities available to us!

However sometimes we can’t shake the feeling that the supply of blessings like prosperity or joy, runs out of inventory as your turn is approaching. Or worse, when you receive a good amount, and all of a sudden, the universe runs-out of stock or decides that you’ve had enough- and takes it back.

Ever felt this way?

The truth is, that most of the time, when this happens, it is us who unconsciously limit our supply or cut us off completely!


Because of the words we use! Saying words  “no space”, “no time”, “too tired” or my personal favorite “losing”, you are signaling the universe to stop.

For example: When we say: “I don’t have time to complete anything on my to-do list, I am too busy with my clients”, we are telling the universe to limit or stop new client opportunities from reaching us.

Mind blowing to realize that the universe always follows these cues!

Our words are powerful. Let’s use them accordingly!

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Much love

Gaby ✨

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