I Know How To Create The Path Of Least Resistance

Today’s download is a continuity from the one last week in which we discussed the power of un-attachment in order to avoid placing excess importance on someone or something.

As we mentioned…

Nature has a way of solving problems through the path of least resistance… which ends up being the path of most resistance for us due to the obstacles created and the resistance we might have to letting go and surrender.

Obstacles are not a sign that you need to give up, but a sign that you need to… LET GO… SURRENDER… DETACH 

…and then continue striving towards your goals while focusing on progress rather than results

While achieving goals is overrated, striving toward them is underrated.
– Scott Young

Next time you start a task, or embark on a path to attain goal, commence by imagining it doesn’t work…realize it’s not the end of the world, visualize what is asked to be born instead, what the blessing in disguise is, what opportunity could be born from this…

And then go about your goal/task.

You will enter the process from a place of unattachment and acceptance that will dissolve any block.

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