I Know How To Let Go Of Attachments And Balance My Energy And Intentions

Today is a reminder of the power of detachment.

You probably remember a situation when you wanted something so badly and it didn’t manifest, however when you surrendered and let go, you ended up having it.

Why is that?🤔

  • Whenever we place too much importance on something, this excess energy creates an imbalance (compare with other things in our life).
  • As a result, nature which always seeks balance, will attempt to correct this imbalance via the path of least resistance. This is done by creating obstacles and distancing what we want even more, so we detach from it and reduce its importance.
The key is to detach and reduce importance first, and then deal with the obstacles…and sometimes the detachment itself, will be enough for the obstacles to resolve themselves 🤗

🤔How do you detach? Immerse yourself in the process, regardless of the result. Fall in love with the game and not the win and watch the magic happens.

In other words, say to yourself: I would love for this to happen, but if not that’s ok too.✨

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