I Know How-to Experience “Antifragility” When Faced With Challenges

I recently watched a video by Tal Ben Shahar who teaches and studies Happiness in which he talks about “Antifragility”.

He explains the difference between “Resilience” and “Antifragility” as follows:

“Resilience” is the ability to go back to normal after experiencing pressure or adversity. On the other hand, “Antifragility” is described as growing bigger or stronger after experiencing pressure or adversity.

A good example of an antifragile system would be our muscles which grow bigger and stronger after applying pressure on them at the gym.

He calls it PTG: Post Traumatic Growth.

I rather grow without adversity, however if and when faced with challenges, I prefer to experience antifragility rather than resilience.

There are different ways to increase antifragility. I chose to share 3:

  1. Gratitude for all that is in my life: the good and the less pleasant.
  2. Having The Creator in my inner circle.
  3. Having the right people in my inner, middle, and outer circle.

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