I Know How To Accept My Life Circumstances Without Having to Justify Them or Find Someone to Blame

I recently came across this quote:

“If you blame others, you have a long way to go…if you blame yourself, you are about half way there…if you blame no one, you’ve arrived.”
– Karl Bryan

This quote resonated with the 3 developmental stages we learn in the “You and Your Inner Circle” class:

  1. The Child Mind
  2. The Adult Mind
  3. The Sage Mind

Children tend to blame others and need to learn responsibility.

Adults tend to show responsibility by blaming themselves.

The sage doesn’t look for someone to blame, because it doesn’t need to justify a situation in order to accept it. The sage is less caught up in the duality of “good” and “bad” and simply views situations as “just are what they are” without labelling them.

The sage also understands the difference between “blame/being at fault” and “responsibility”.

Taking responsibility for a situation doesn’t mean it’s our fault, it simply means that we choose to do something about it.

We are people in development and can reside in these three stages at different times and circumstances. The goal is to transition to the sage mindset.

The more we work on ourselves, the more we facilitate that state which allows for more peace, joy, balance, love, and abundance of all kinds.

How do you react when a “situation” arises? Do you blame others, yourself or simply don’t feel the need to look for someone to blame?

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