I Know How To Find My Way And Live By It

We are very aware that the first step in manifesting anything is knowing what we want; the “WHAT”

This goal, is what we call our “External What”. 

The second step in manifesting what we want is uncovering the “WHY”.

How do we do that?

Simply visualize attaining your goal and ask yourself why do you want it…BUT don’t stop there. This is not your real why. Keep asking the same question, why is that “reason” important to me? Once you have that answer, ask again. But why is that reason (previous one) important to me?

Go as deep as you can, ask at least 5 or 6 times the same “why”. As you go deeper you will uncover your deepest motivation that will keep you going even when things get difficult and which allows you to persist.

After all, we don’t commit to our goals. We commit to ourselves!

The goal of having something is outside of me, the why is within me. When I commit, I don’t commit to that external goal. I commit to my why, which is actually my “Internal What” 

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