I Know How To Give Priority To The Fulfillment Of My Dreams

Let me start by giving credit to Karl Bryan for this quote:
“Don’t tell people your dreams… show them.”
I find this to be so on point and in fact, it’s how I have lived most of my life.

You see, dreams are the language of the soul, and the soul has some inside information about how we are supposed to find happiness and fulfillment in this life… which for every person is different… so it’s a custom-made path.

That’s precisely the reason why we don’t necessarily want to share our dreams with everybody. When you share your dreams with people, they might unintentionally “kill” them with their own perspective.

Here’s another line from the same Karl:

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, hence your dreams, then your dreams become your sacrifice”

We get to choose…we always get to choose.

Are we willing to sacrifice stepping out of our comfort zone, temporarily changing our spending priorities, maybe taking less time for trips and more time to work on our visions?


Much love,


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