I Know How To Accept Myself Fully And See Myself As Whole

This week I’d like to discuss self acceptance ✨ , most importantly why it is more important than you think!

Self acceptance is the doorway to change what we don’t like in our current situation.

You see, the opportunity for something new is born when we fully accept and embrace the old and that’s because we can’t leave a place that we haven’t been present in it.

Only when we fully acknowledge and accept where we are, or what we have, we can then choose to create something else.

When we don’t accept, by default we resist the current situation or state, burning all our energy in pushing, denying and pretending rather than opening ourselves for the opportunities to discreate it and create something new.

In other words, we can’t discreate what we don’t acknowledge!

Full acceptance is the ability to look at the facts without becoming the facts or identifying with them. Acknowledging that these are temporally and current situations that can be discreated to create something new.

Self-acceptance is a gift that leads to empowerment and responsibility because after all;

We are not perfect, but we are always whole!

Would you agree and commit to accept yourself, and parts of yourself, as the first step to allow change?


Much love,


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