I Know How To Live My Life With Courage

How important is it to live our lives with courage? Well, I would say VERY!

As someone who sees success as lack of regret, courage is a critical virtue to acquire and practice.

Lack of courage can keep us stuck in avoidance and regrets about what could have been….

Courage is embodied in a moment when you choose to act despite the fear. In that moment you are able to disconnect the thinking brain and let the doing brain (that knows how) do its thing.

Here are some suggestions to practice courage and become better at it.

  1. Practice 1 courageous act a day.
  2. Be honest. Call the fear for what it is. Rather than saying I am not ready, say I am afraid ….
  3. Journal on your fears – pour your thoughts onto a page.
  4. Become aware of the two prices: The price of regret & The price of the courage;
    Which one are you NOT willing to pay?
  5. Define success as daring or doing a pilot and not as getting results.

Because when you become fearless your life becomes limitless!

Have fun co-creating your life!

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