I am a Magnet to Aligned Opportunities

The other day I read the following quote:

“Opportunities multiply as we seize them.”
– Karl Bryan

I believe that creating opportunities is an art we can all practice and master.

The more we take responsibility for our dreams, the more opportunities we create. People with a growth mindset tend to have an ease when it comes to generating good fortune.

Why is that? How can we generate plenty of opportunities in our lives?

There are certain ways of thinking and approaching life that can help us with that. Here are a few:

  1. Rather than looking to overcome or survive challenges, look for ways to grow from challenges.
  2. When an opportunity is presented to you and if it aligns, say yes and then figure out how to go about it. Adopt the approach “I’ll say yes, and then I’ll figure out what to do” or “I’ll cross the bridge when I get there”.
  3. Be curious and open-minded to explore what opportunities a situation can bring.
  4. Interact with people genuinely but realize that an opportunity might come from the least expected interactions and relationships.
  5. Always do your best in every situation, job and interaction, you never know what the situation might bring…Teach one person like you are teaching 100.
  6. Teach yourself to see an opportunity everywhere. You are a magnet to aligned opportunities.
  7. Reframe the concept of success as “daring, embracing an opportunity” rather than “creating results”.

The more you embrace opportunities, the more opportunities you create and magnetize, because you are creating the energetic container to host these opportunities. 

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