I Know How to Live My Life Without Being Overly Critical of Myself and Others

I Know How to Feel Lovable Just Because I Am Me, Not Because I Am Perfect

Week 3 of our series of downloads on “how to live my life without…” and this time we are speaking about self criticism.

Self criticism is the tendency to engage in negative self-evaluation, look for what wasn’t perfect or blame ourselves for what didn’t go as we expected.

This mind trap can have many hidden benefits, here are a couple to ponder on:

  1. Motivation to improve ourselves or to take responsibility.
  2. Provides a false sense of control or power, because if it’s my fault I can do something about it, if it’s someone else’s there is nothing I can do.
  3. Avoids powerlessness unless…Powerlessness was the inability to accept things, not the inability to change things

Since love is the energy of the Creation, how about we replace self criticism/blame with self compassion and acceptance… and… from a place of self love we create an improved version of ourselves?

Growth requires nourishment, I invite you to choose the right food for your growth: “self Love and Compassion”

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Much love,

Gaby ✨

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