I Know How to Live My Life Without Creating Confusion

I Know How to Live My Life with Clarity

Week 4 of our series of downloads on “how to live my life without” and this time we are speaking about confusion.
Confusion is a coping mechanism of the mind to protect us from failing or being wrong

Confusion is created when we try to answer all the questions as to what, how, where and when at once, rather than answering them in layers

Clarity is attained in layers of a specific order: What, Why, When/Where and How

Clarity is revealed step by step, layer by layer…it’s the bi-product of the creative process

Therefore it requires faith and trust in life, The Creator and yourself, specially taking the first step.


When starting a new project/path, we want to have all the answers right at the beginning, so we can justify our decision to move forward and give ourselves permission to take a leap of faith.

This can act as a mind trap….After all, even if we have all the future answers from the start, nothing guarantees that things will work according to the plan.

Most people freeze when they are confused. I would like to suggest the opposite.

Here is one of my favourites quotes:

What is a decision? It’s a tool to remove confusion

Are you confused? If so, then make a decision and let’s move on!

Brian Valentine

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