I Know How to Live My Life Without Overcomplicating Things

I Know How to Bring Simplicity Into My Life

Recently, I have been inspired to share with you a series of downloads on “how to live my life without…” as we begin to see the end of the year approaching.

I thought to start with “I know how to live my life without overcomplicating things” followed by “I know how to bring simplicity into my life”. Because we often become addicted to overcomplicating things. In psychology “overcomplicating” is seen as a “mind trap”.

Why do we do that? Some people believe (consciously or unconsciously) that “simple” is a synonym of   “not smart” or “unsophisticated”. 

Another common belief that can lead to overcomplication of situations is “The bigger the pain the bigger the gain”, meaning that the more I struggle to overcome a situation, the more I grow or benefit from it.

It’s mind blowing how our minds will default to “complexity” when trying to solve a situation.

You can simply connect to the Creator and ask to be shown the aligned way to resolve a situation, with “Ease, Grace and Simplicity”.

The next time you are faced with a challenge, I invite you to ask yourself the following questions before seeking a solution:

“ What if it was simple?”

This will prompt your mind to look for simple and effective ways to resolve the situation, without overcomplicating and going in circles but with a healthy common sense.

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Much love,

Gaby ✨

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