I Know How To Make The Best Out Of The Starting Year!

I know that the year has just started but my invitation is to play with me as it already finished…lol

Before you jump into goal setting and resolutions, here’s a powerful exercise to help you make the best of 2024.

Imagine that you are in Dec 2024 about to celebrate its ending.

  • What are you celebrating this year?
  • What did you create?
  • Who did you help?
  • Who surprised you the most with their shift?
  • What did you learn this year?
  • What did you discover?
  • What was your biggest breakthrough?
  • What is the most beautiful thing that you witnessed this year?
  • What’s the most unexpected thing that happen this year?
  • What advise can you ask from the future Dec 2024 you?
  • Ask the future you, what did you do in the first 90 days of 2024, in order to be celebrating these moments in Dec 2024.

Write down the answers for every question and witness the magic unfold. 

Now is time to play, take action, work on your mindset and have fun!

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