I Know How To Co-Create An Epic Year For Myself


These were the words that Dr Pat (my co-host for the Life Engineering podcast) shared at the end of episode 22.

I believe these are the steps that to lead a life of profound fulfillment 🙏

  • Admire (Gratitude): it’s about always beginning your journey with a heart full of gratitude for the blessings that surround us—the people, experiences, and opportunities that shape our life.
  • Desire: Allows our hearts to dream, and lets our desires guide us. It’s in the pursuit of our desires that we discover our true passions and unlock the potential for limitless growth.
  • Inspire: Simply because success and happiness in life is never meaningful until we make it about someone else other than ourselves. Our journey is not just about using the gifts we were given upon arrival.
  • Perspire: Dreams are realized through work and dedication. Embrace the effort required to turn our desires into reality.

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