I Know How To Reinvent Myself To Create More Alignment in My Life

šŸ¤©Your soul is always striving for alignment, in other words, creating a life that mirrors our gifts and purpose, while serving and creating value in the lives of others and ourselves.

šŸ™Alignment is usually not a one move process, rather a journey of constant course correction and turns in the right direction. Some are subtle and others steeper. At the heart of this process is our human ability to reinvent ourselves.

šŸ˜ŠWe know we are capable of changing and reinventing, simply because we have witnessed over the course of history the incredible capacity of the human race to adapt to almost anything.

Such adaptation which is mostly exercised at times of need and lack of choice demonstrates our ability to change and embody a different version of ourselves.

What if we would welcome purposeful reinvention and adaptation towards alignment?

What if we reframe the belief that change is difficult and painful and embrace the embodiment of a more aligned self?

Are you ready to grow? Are you ready to experience more of yourself? A more aligned version of yourself?

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