I Love That I Know How to Like Myself

I Love That I Know How to Like Myself

Ever feel you love someone, but don’t like them?

Yeah!? 🙋‍♀️

So what’s the difference?

Love ❤️ is sometimes shown when we face a difficult situation or fear losing the person. You are able to bypass their personality and your triggers and look at the person for who they are at the soul level. When you say, I will do anything for you if you are in need or danger, … that’s normally said from your soul to theirs.


“’Like’ is different… ‘Like’ is how our ego feels about that person”.

When we like a person we cherish them, we choose them, think about them, go the extra mile to show our feelings of appreciation for them, and mainly we accept the person as they are. We don’t try to change them. It means that my ego feels really good with your personality. Many times, we find that couples love each other but stop liking each other.

Many people never felt cherished, celebrated, supported… chosen. This can create a deep feeling of loneliness, despite being loved.

When you do self-healing or work on a person, The Creator might show you that the person doesn’t know how to feel liked. Identifying the first moment a person felt “not-liked”, doing the healing followed by teaching them how to feel liked, can be deeply transformational and change a person’s life.

Are you showing your loved ones that you also like them? Are you showing yourself that you like yourself? 😉


Much love,


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