I Know How To Recognize & Walk Through The Door That Are Presented To Me

At the end of episode 4 of my podcast “Life Engineering”, Dr Pat my co-host, said to me:

“I am offering you a door; all you need to do is walk through it”.

I couldn’t stop thinking about such a powerful statement. First of all, it reminds us that we have free will and secondly it empowers us to exercise our creative power.

How would you feel if everything you ever wanted fell from the sky? OK, maybe in the beginning you would think this is really cool but eventually the blessings would lose their value and you would not appreciate them as much.

Now, how would you feel, if the doors to create what you desire, the opportunities were always presented to you and all you needed to do was walk through them? Isn’t that more exciting and exhilarating? We all like a good treasure hunt, or “escape room” game. That’s because you know the treasure awaits you, you know there is a way, and all you need to do is get started and take one creative step at a time…and once you get the treasure you will savor, value and appreciate it like nothing before.

I apply this principle when I make my manifesting lists!

Rather than asking for the final product, I tend to ask for the means to create what I want, the resources I need, the people to help me, the funds, time etc.


Much love,


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