I Know How to Live My Life with the “Magic Elixir”

I trust you are all having a beautiful week! This weeks download is inspired by a beautiful line that I read in a book recently where the author spoke of a “Magical Spiritual Elixir” as the result of GRATITUDE + TRUST


I absolutely loved that expression of “Magical Spiritual Elixir”.

Let’s review the recipe so we can all prepare it at home 😉



  1. Unlimited cups of Gratitude
  2. A few tones of Trust



Mix GRATITUDE for all the blessings in your life,

Combine with GRATITUDE for the things you would prefer NOT to have in your life.

To this mixture add:

  • a tone of TRUST that everything is perfect and for your highest benefit
  • a 2nd tone of TRUST that you can “dis-create” circumstances and create new ones
  • a 3rd and most important tone of TRUST in The Creator


And lastly the garnish! (my personal favorite)


A sprinkle of humor! 😜 ✨


Mix all the ingredients well and consume at least twice a day, morning and night or as desired.

Please grant permission to receive today’s download!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Much love,


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