I Am Ready to Love and be Loved by My Partner

Ever have the feeling that you need to “be better” to be loved? We create a list of prerequisites that need to be fulfilled in order to “be loved”, like be skinnier, heavier, make more money, get a promotion, be more successful, have more time, etc.

Allow me to share an alternative perspective on this list, one that was channeled during the “You and The Creator” class:

While we are waiting to fulfill a list of conditions in order to find love and be loved, we don’t realize that we are stalling our most compatible soul mate and denying that person from experiencing our love

Gabriela Embon

Both partners need to be ready when you ask to meet your most compatible soul mate, therefore, if it’s taking you forever because your list and conditions are long and/or unattainable, you are not only depriving yourself from the wonderful feeling of being loved, but you are also depriving your most compatible soul mate from that feeling.

You don’t need to be perfect to be loved, don’t forget that your most compatible soulmate is not perfect either. Please grant permission to receive today’s download!

Much love

Gaby ✨

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