I Know What it Feels Like to Belong in a Community

Did you go and watch Brene Brown’s Ted Talk??

Because this week I am adding a second layer to last week’s download – Belonging.

I loved her comment on belonging and how she explains that:

 “belonging is the opposite of fitting in” 🤯

“Fitting in” is the act of changing ourselves, adapting ourselves to what the environment dictates or at least what we perceive it to be.

Belonging on the other hand, is just feeling part of an environment because of who you authentically are, without having to change yourself.

We have all tried to fit in at some point in our lives, creating temporary self acceptance.

I invite you to release programs and emotions of needing to “fit in” and replace them with programs of “belonging” not because we are the same but because we are “us”!

By modeling such behaviour, we are also giving permission to others to do the same and be who they are.  

Please grant permission to receive today’s download!

Much love,

Gaby ✨

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