Every Day I Embrace Myself More

Today’s nugget is a twist from last week’s, but with a focus on the word “embrace” rather than “authenticity.”

I love the energy of the word “embrace” because in my perspective it’s the combination of “accepting and wanting”. If I had to represent it visually, I would choose a “hug”.

For me being embraced is being accepted and wanted (in a good way) for who we are and as we are.

It’s easy to embrace pleasant and pleasurable situations and people, but the hidden treasures emerge when we embrace unpleasant circumstances even more, including the parts of ourselves that are still a work in progress.

I invite you to add a simple yet powerful affirmation to your mornings (or as needed in the moment):

“I embrace myself”.
If this feels misaligned, here are other alternatives to start with:
“Every day I embrace myself more” or
“I am learning to embrace myself.”

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