I Know How-to Embrace My Authentic Self & Live My Life In Alignment To How I Am Designed To Create

One of the biggest fears we have is to be who we are and express ourselves authentically.

One way to cope with that fear is to wear a mask, pretend to be someone else or emulate what people want me to be in order to fit in. This feels “safer” because after all, if I am rejected, I won’t take it so personally since, I wasn’t myself anyway, therefore, it was not me who was rejected but the persona I played.

The problem with that is that it takes so much mental space and effort to hide our true self only to create internal disconnection which leads to external disconnection and unhappiness.

Belonging doesn’t require that you fit in. The feeling of belonging to a particular environment starts with the permission and agreement to be ourselves, and from that inner connection and bond, comes the building of genuine connections with others.

In practical terms, authenticity means leading a life of congruency and alignment to who we are, our desires and unique design.

Everyone has a unique way of creating, a manifesting blueprint and when we compare and copy what others do or did to succeed, we are dishonoring our own authentic creative blueprint.

The path of alignment, hence authenticity is different for every person. What is congruent for you, might be completely incongruent for somebody else.

Honoring our authentic design help us create with ease and grace.

Hustle is lack of congruency and alignment, and course correction is the power of choice to shift from misalignment to alignment.

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