I Know How to Feel Worthy and Deserving Despite the Results and My Circumstances

The biggest epidemic we suffer from as people, is correlating our self-worth with our results/accomplishments!

This has to shift 🙏 Allow me to share an alternative way to foster the feeling of worthiness & deservingness.

Rather than correlating our self worth to the results we achieve, instead try correlating your self-worth with the path, the progress, the person you are becoming, and how you live your life! ☺️

Do I lead a life of courage, daring, growth, contribution, connection, love, service, self-care, integrity, gratitude?

Am I becoming better at my craft? Am I getting better at the skills I need to live my purpose? Like my marketing, communication, content creation, etc?

Pay attention that the question is not “what can I do to get results”, or “what can I do to make money

Instead, I propose asking: “How can I improve my skills, learn, master, acquire them?”

This is how we prioritize what we can truly control, which is the PATH, the growth and not the RESULTS.

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Much love

Gaby ✨

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