I Am Ready to Step Into the Magic Zone

Often life challenges put us in the choice of continuing to struggle or make a decision to step out of the comfort zone.

That’s why I believe that our struggles, not only teach us important lessons and reveal to us our strengths but also act as gentle or not so gentle “traffic directors” showing us where to best be heading.

The veil between our current situation and the magic zone is usually at the cusp of our comfort zone.

Every breakthrough starts with the courage to step outside the familiarity of our comfort zone, into the unknown.

I like viewing the discomfort, unfamiliar, unknown zone as the magic zone. This not only eases me into stepping forward but also provides a feeling of new unseen opportunities and possibilities available to me… very exciting and hopeful!

I invite you to remind yourself, that outside of your comfort zone, your magic zone awaits!

And who doesn’t like magic! ✨

Much love,


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