I Know How to develop an Abundant Mindset

Abundance anyone?!? šŸ˜‰ How do you see abundance? šŸ¤”

I see abundance as our ability to recognize and welcome the endless possibilities available to us!

The opposite of it would be:

Limitation, Scarcity, Lack, and Monotony or Lack of variety

The limitation occurs when we define what exists based on what humans have createdā€¦donā€™t get me wrong, I recognize that we are great creators, but the Creator is omnipotent!

The only limitation is in our mind because our mind is limited, but the Creator is not!

We foster an abundant mindset when:

  1. We get used to seeing the variety that we have access to, in every aspect of our lives
  2. We fully embrace the idea that there are so many opportunities available to us which we are not aware at the moment but that doesnā€™t mean that they donā€™t exist

And as a consequence we never feel trapped, hopeless, out of options, limited or restricted.

I like reminding myself on the following:

  • ā€œNothing is finalā€
  • ā€œNothing is impossibleā€
  • ā€œThe universe is vast and abundant with endless possibilities available to us, we just need to tap into a tiny piece of itā€

Much love,


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