I Know How To Live My Life Inspired Day After Day

Inspiration is a powerful energy that propels us to impact. It connects our past experiences with our future by reminding us of our why.

Yes, true inspiration connects to our deepest “WHY” and “Meaning” and motivates us to move forward.

I take my inspiration very seriously; I am externally inspired which means that my source of inspiration comes from the outside world.

However, sometimes my inspiration runs dry, and when it does, I reach to my inspiration library: the bundle of podcasts, books, and videos that I consume on a regular basis.

Other times, I find my inspiration by going back to a moment in time when I revealed new parts of myself and defied my own expectations. I call this “my inspiration story”.

We all have one, and the invitation is to find yours, that event or events in your life, in which you inspired yourself.

“Don’t wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel, be the light IN the tunnel and you will always be inspired.”
– Shaindy Jacobson

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