I Know How To Increase My Abundance Container / Capacity

This week I want to tell you a story which many of you may have heard me speak of, as it is the perfect example of realizations we often forget. šŸ˜€

The shoemaker story šŸ‘žšŸ‘¢

A man walks into a shoemaker atelierā€¦
The shoemaker: ā€œhow can I help you sirā€?
The customer: ā€œI am looking for a good pair of shoesā€
The shoemaker: ā€œand what size do you need, what is your shoe sizeā€?
The customer: ā€œI am size 40ā€
The shoemaker, looks at the way the man is well put together and says: ā€œI sense that you are a respectable and accomplished man, I would like to upgrade you and offer you a size 45.ā€
The customer: ā€œNO! What will I do with a shoe size 45? It will be too big, and I wonā€™t be able to take even 1 step.ā€

You see, the amount of abundance that we currently have in our lives, perfectly fits the size of our abundance containerā€¦ Pretty much like a shoe to a foot.

If we wish to have more, we need to increase our capacity to hold it, we need to increase our foot size so itā€™s a perfect match for a bigger size shoe.

Some of the ways to increase our abundance capacity is working on our subconscious beliefs, acquiring virtues and doing ā€œgood deedsā€.


Much love,


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