I Know What it Feels Like to Have the Courage to Fully Show Up in My Life

Over the holidays, I re-watched Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on vulnerability (if you haven’t watched it, it is on Netflix).

I love how she defines vulnerability as

“the courage to show up when you can’t control the outcome.

 The courage to show up fully despite the uncertainty.”

It made me think about the price of NOT fully showing up, for what we believe in, or what we want: for me this price is “Regret”.

Regret is a heavy energy which keeps us stuck in the past, not allowing us to move forward. What people regret the most at the end of their lives is “not showing up fully” or in Brene’s words, not having the courage to experience vulnerability.

As the year starts, I invite you to choose courage and vulnerability, commit to the path of realizing your dreams and manifesting your goals! So that at the end of 2023, when you look back you can humbly say “I have no regrets”…No matter what the results are.

Cheers to a year of courage and no regrets! 🥂

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Much love,

Gaby ✨

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